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Introducing My Latest Photography Tool The Apple iPad!

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1108  1024x768 ipad Introducing My Latest Photography Tool The Apple iPad!

I know, this really isnt my latest wedding or engagement photography, but I’ve decided to add little tidbits of other than just work!  So Im going to talk about Apple’s new iPad.

Apple released their latest piece of technology last week with the advent of the iPad.  When it first was annouced, I have to admit I was very skeptic.  I must have made fun of the concept so many times, because I basically argued that it was

thats what it is right?  It runs on iphone OS 3.2, has the same smooth touch interface, plays video and music, and runs iphone apps.  So whats the big deal and how is this even a photography tool?

Let me explain.

I have to admit this was almost a pure impulse buy.  I had just so happened to walk into the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco just as they got their brand new shipment.  So I waited for display sample to be open so I could toy around with it.  I had been reading online about it and heard relatively good things but that it also had its short comings as well.  So I gave it the benefit of the dout.  Then one of the Apple employees came over and asked if I had questions.  The first thing I said was how do I answer the phone if its so big?!?  Evidentally he told me they did put in a microphone so it can act as a recorder or dictation device as well.  So as I started to play with it, ideas started popping into my head.

When I turned it on and unlocked it, you could immediately tell the screen is absolutely beautiful.  Pictures became pieces of art on this device.  Screw looking at prints, my perspective clients could be flipping through my photo portfiolio and see things in a whole new light.  Video playback on the unit as you can imagine looks just as great.  Perfect for showing clients slideshows if they arent at my place.  It also supports some cool accessories like a vga adapter, allowing me to hook it up onto any HDTV or computer monitor.  Although I think you are limited to 1024×768 it should be more than enough rez to show photos or videos.  They are also going to be coming up with a camera/sdhc adapter to directly take pictures or upload pictures/media.

Visuals aside, theres lots of other functions that make it different.  The email interface for this device is very similar to the iphone, but expanded in many ways.  Email inbox scroll through is a sliding menu on the left hand side while you can read your email selected on the right hand side.  Internet browsing (flash aside) is super smooth and fast on the wifi.  Nothing major really right? But check this out.  The standby time of this device is 30 days.. yes a month.. A MONTH.  When I went to sleep last night battery was at 100%, I left the ipad on my dresser, went to sleep, woke up 7 hours later and it was still 100%.  This is unbelievable.  So what does all this mean?  I can access the internet, email, ipod, etc instantly.  I dont have to wait to fire up my laptop, netbook, and god forbid my desktop (and I do have all 3), so the fact that I can check this stuff immediately is just plain awesome.  Im a super busy individual, so saving those couple minutes everytime amounts to alot.

Subtle changes from the iphone are improved contacts and calendar.  Its almost like one of those leather datebooks except, well in a datebook you cant touch the days to go to them or scroll through your day.  Photos now have a slideshow option with music you can select from your ipod section.  Oh btw, this thing can turn into a photo frame thats 9.7″ and since the power consumption is so low anyway your power costs will probably be negligable.  The book app, wow.. watch out kindle.. Apple just gave a high resolution book reader thats in full color and has pictures.  Im pretty sure if you only read magazines, they’ll have some kind of magazine subscription available soon.  Playing music and videos from the built in speakers are very nice as well.  I was expecting the tinny crappy speaker sound similar to the iphone but they did a pretty good job on it.  I watched the latest episode of ABC’s Lost and had no issues with sound or video playback.  Very impressive.

Well, I guess I still havent addressed how this is my latest photography tool?  Aside from the wow factor to perspective clients, I can easily use this to review pictures while on location shoots.  Camera screens arent always the greatest, so having something I can have mobile with me thats 1.5 lbs and will fit in any camera bag I have will be a great advantage to me.  I can check to see how they look or while on location shoots the clients can view them on the spot (this is pending apple’s camera adapter, which allows connection from any usb camera device).  Now that its large enough and fast enough to type, I can take notes while meeting clients and details and even record clips of audio while in a meeting.  Sometimes details get lost, but not if you can record your own voice so easily.  Going back to portability, this device is by far smaller than any netbook I have.   Its also much ligther at 1.5 lbs.  Since there isnt a keyboard to increase the size, this makes it a super slim platform that I can literally take anywhere. 

There are plenty of cons too.  I cant stand the fingerprints on my touchscreen.. ugh.. There arent a huge number of apps now, but that should change.  You can run iphone apps but you have to hit the enlarge button which just doubles the size to fit the screen.. looks like you’re running some low resolution app on a high rez device.. why? cause you are..  There still isnt flash support.. really? apple?  cmon.. how am I gona watch hulu?  I guess we have to wait till sites convert to HTML5. 

Aside from that, its pretty awesome.  Time will tell how much I really use it for wedding photography, but I know I will definitely use it.

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  1. Somehow, I’ve managed to avoid articles and posts about the iPad. I’ve seen it advertised on tv but I haven’t seen anywhere near as many comments or online discussions about it as I thought. I know that there is a lot you can do with it and it does look like it would be a lot of fun for things like photography and music hobbies but I don’t know if I want to fall into the Apple trap.

    Comment by event management birmingham — August 24, 2010 @ 7:54 am
  2. Thanks for the in depth review of the iPad, even the cons are useful. But all in all-I’ll have to go to the apple store and check one out for myself.

    Comment by Bruce Hathaway@mics and more online — September 9, 2010 @ 8:16 am
  3. Are you sure it’s a good idea to use iPad as a photography tool?It’s a bit large

    Comment by product review — April 25, 2011 @ 11:53 pm
  4. I would have to agree with “product reviews” (post #3) in that it is a little bit large for a camera but I have used the ipad for our graphic overlays presentations and it is very easy to use and I love it! BTW, good post!

    Comment by Graphic Overlays — August 4, 2011 @ 4:39 am
  5. “I can have mobile with me thats 1.5 lbs and will fit in any camera bag I have will be a great advantage to me. I can check to see how they look or while on location shoots the clients can view them on the spot”

    My brother and I were just talking about this in his business of working with businesses. H wants to show people pictures, access the internet to show them sites, explain what he has done for them etc. It seems a perfect tool for the job.

    Comment by Jeannie — August 7, 2011 @ 3:20 pm
  6. It looks like Apple finally got the personal pad computer right with the iPad although it does have annoying shortcomings such as the lack of flash that you mention. I originally thought this was a turf war thing, but a friend pointed out that there are all sorts of exploitable security holes in flash, so maybe that is the reason for no flash support. I am already seeing iPads used in business applications everywhere I go so I think they are here to stay. It will be interesting to see if Apple can maintain the cutting edge now that Jobs is gone.

    Comment by Sam W. — November 26, 2011 @ 6:48 pm

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