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San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photography – Call Us at (415) 488-6693

Thanks for visiting Moy Photography – San Francisco Wedding Photographers.  We provide photography services for San Francisco, all around the bay area and also Napa and Sonoma.  If you are inquiring about your date please feel free to call us or email us any time.

Our latest work can always be in our blog area here. Other pictures can be found around the galleries as well, so browse around.  We are always updating this website with our latest  photography work.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your upcoming wedding please take your time and look around the site.  You will find useful information on how our process works and what to expect in the Information Section.  Take a look at our engagement photo section where we show case our San Francisco engagement photography.  Also available in the section is wedding photography styles which describes types of wedding photography including our own.   You will also find useful information for planning your wedding in the San Francisco Bay Area and how to select a wedding photographer thats right for you.

Please feel free to call or email at (415) 488-6693 or at

Hiring a wedding photographer is not just an ordinary service that you require for your big day, its how you want to look back and smile every time you open your wedding album. Wedding pictures speak a lot about your wedding; they help you keep memories of your most important day, fresh and vivid, as if it was just yesterday! Marriages are meant to last a lifetime, so hire a good San Francisco wedding photographer to ensure that you capture your perfect moment exactly the way you want to remember it ten years down the line.

A wedding photographer is someone who silently observes your wedding and captures your most precious moments. Not only does he capture the unsaid emotions in a single picture, but he also makes you look exceptionally beautiful and elegant; every bride’s dream come true!

We travel around the bay area, so whether you have a wedding in San Jose, the East Bay, or even in wine country in Napa or Sonoma.  Our wedding photography services are there for you.

Every bride wants to look stunningly beautiful on her wedding day. Needless to say, a lot of effort goes into it; getting the perfect wedding dress, the right hair style and correct make up. A good San Francisco wedding photographer can bring out the best in you. Any good San Francisco wedding photographers such as Moy photography can make you look absolutely stunning in your wedding pictures; it’ll be exactly how you imagined it while flipping through other celebrity wedding pictures!

If you observe wedding albums keenly, you’ll observe that most of them have one intense picture as the cover page. Just one look at this picture and you can feel the emotions and feelings resurfacing. A well taken picture is like a beautiful portrait; it can convey a lot in just one look. For example; a picture taken from behind, wherein the couple walks down a beautifully decorated staircase, can imply a “lived happily ever after” fairytale ending to your wedding. On the other hand, a simple picture in which the groom kisses the bride can remind you of the love and the intense bond you share.

One of the important things to consider while hiring any San Francisco wedding photographer is the style in which you want the photographs taken. There are many styles to choose from; one of the simplest and safest options is the traditional style of taking pictures. This usually involves standard poses at different time intervals during the wedding. It gives a brief overview of the entire ceremony and other aspects of it. The only drawback with this style is that it makes the album too predictable.

Some people prefer wedding albums which are unpredictable and have certain uniqueness in them. While opting for this style, you need to trust your photographer to capture all the important moments correctly. Since there are no posses or standard picture shots, he will capture all the moments that he finds intense. The only drawback with this style is that the couple may miss the standard photographs which are taken in the traditional style of wedding photography.

There are plenty of San Francisco photographers, who can help you in materialize your ‘perfect wedding’ dream! Moy photography can be very helpful in preserving the ever lasting moments of your wedding.

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-Kenny Moy Owner and Photographer

San Francisco Wedding Photographer

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